What is UPLEARN?

UPLEARN is a free to use knowledge base on marketing in China & South East Asia, targetted on companies who are currently doing business or planning to do business in these regions.

Users are able to search for tips, tricks, strategies, guides and many other topics on how to execute successfully in these markets.

Who is UPLAB?

UPLAB is an ROI driven marketing agency who helps businesses succeed in China & South East Asia through proven marketing metrics and methods. UPLAB offers end-to-end solutions for SMEs to corporates. Services include content marketing, influencer marketing, marketing technology and automation, community building and many others.

What is the benefit of contributing?

Sharing is caring. You now have the opportunity to share your knowledge with others through UPLEARN. Contributing could potentially lead to new clients, speaking opportunities and credibility. All our resources are SEO optimised, what means that we target on generating organic traffic to UPLEARN.

Do I get paid for my contribution?

No, as it’s an open source platform, we can’t pay you for a contribution. However, posting high-quality content can lead to new business for yourself or your company.

Are you active in South East Asia or China and missing any content? Please fill out the form. We are happy to publish your knowledge!

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