Record a “duet” video on Douyin

Users are now able to record duet videos in #Douyin. A great new feature which will definitely lead to higher engagement rates and more collaborations between KOLs. Imagine brands collaborate with influencers through this feature. A different type of engagement we haven’t seen before.    

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The “My Favourites” page on Douyin

Douyin is rolling out a “My Favourites” page on user accounts. Users are able to favourite: – Videos – Locations – Hashtags – Songs It’s a great way to find content back, which wasn’t very easy in the past.  

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How much does Douyin Marketing costs

As Douyin has now over 150 million daily active users, companies are starting to get interested in using it as a marketing channel.  However, how much it costs to run campaigns on the fastest growing app in the world is still very unclear.  Together with Douyin’s influencers, we have created a budget calculator, where you as […]

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What is a challenge on Douyin?

To increase exposure and attract more users to take a look at your videos and to access potential followers,  do not hesitate to try the “Challenges” feature! You can participate in a challenge by adding # challenge name in your text and create your video clips with the requires messages. Just like the screenshot shows […]

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What is Douyin?

Douyin is the most popular one among the other live stream and video apps in China and has to date over 150 million daily active users. Douyin is currently the fastest growing social app globally. Users can record videos shorter than 1 minute (15-60 seconds) with special effects such as music clips, animation effect, frames, […]

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